Ain’t No Sunshine: Rain Takes Down Pitchfork For Second Day In A Row

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Crowds dwindled significantly for day 3 of the Pitchfork Music Festival. After being rained out for the second day in a row, festival goers were once again evacuated from the festival grounds due to dangerous weather, high winds and lightning activity.

One of the largest impacts of the evacuations was a cancelled performance for Chicago Native Dreezy. Set to hit the Greenstage at 1pm, her set was pushed back  then eventually cancelled as Pitchfork staff held off re-entry to the festival until nearly 1:30pm, well into what would’ve been a 40 minute set. 

Still festival goers continued to press on, with the rain turning most of Union park into a wet, muddy obstacle course, (I had to catch myself from falling more times than I’d like to admit).

Sticking around however, turned out not to be a complete bust as Flasher took to the Red Stage seemingly reenergizing the drenched crowd. 

All other sets continued on time with standout performances from JPEGMAFIA and CharlieXCX.

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