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Jill Scott Makes Powerful Return With “You Don’t Know”

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Girl!! You don’t know SHIT about love and Mamma Jill is gonna tell you how she knows!

After what seems like the longest hiatus EVER, Jill Scott is back and she’s reclaiming her throne honey! With the release of her newest single, “You Don’t Know”, she’s proving that a few additional acting gigs can never take away from her true gift: SANGIN!!

The video itself is simplistically beautiful at best. No theatrics here. It’s just Jill and her band  (Hey Quest Love!!!) rocking out in the studio and giving me smokey-juke joint realness! And what more do you need??? With Jill’s powerfully soulful vocals and heart wrenching lyrics,all the fluff of traditional videos really wasn’t necessary.


the end of it all, if you know anything about the pain of love, ultimate sacrifice and the all too common disappointment associated with it…this song will certainly hit home.

Here’s just a snippet of the lyrics:

Did you ever know what it is to be hurt
Did you ever feel like dirt
Did you ever give up on your pride
Just to have him by your side

Well if you don’t know what I am talking about
You don’t know nothing 
You don’t know nothing
You don’t know
You don’t know nothing
About love

When the night time comes do your tears fall like rain 
and in the morning do they fall all over again
Tell me did you get down on your knees and pray
That should never never never go away

CHILE!!! If the lyrics alone don’t reach down into the pit of your stomach and snatch out a handful of ugly years…you’re probably to young to be on this site Where’s your parents???

But if you can relate, just do me a favor…. try NOT to down a

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