Kanye West Brings Sunday Service Home To Chicago

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“This is my City. Watch this”…

Kanye non-nonchalantly tells his security guards to back off as he makes his way through hundreds of adoring fans, parting the crowd similar to how Moses parted the Red Sea; and he’s right. Only Kanye (or at least very few people) can get tens of thousands of Chicagoans to come to “church” outside in high winds and rain.

The beloved, yet often controversial South-side raised rapper touched down in Chicago today for a local installment of his popular Sunday Service. 

In true Kanye fashion,  fans were shocked when sales were announced and made available just yesterday; less than 24 hours before the 9 am showtime .  As expected, tickets sold out in minutes, with many fans fluttering to social media to express their disappointment and about being number 2000+ in line for tickets.

For those that did make it inside Huntington Bank Pavilion, the surprises did not stop there.Ye stans were treated with a full marching band, massive choir and guest appearances, including a performance of “Ultra Light Beam” with Chance the Rapper.

The rest of “service” included Ye remixing popular hip hop songs and making them a gosple twist.

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