LHHATL’s Sina Bina Talks LHH, Her Love For Yung Joc and His Relationships With KD & Karlie

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Sina Bina may be a new face to the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta franchise, but she’s already making major waves. Secret camera, lingere and toe sucking ring a bell???  Yass honey! The mother of Yung Joc’s 2 year old twins, Sina has been giving Kahdijah a run for her money in the race for Joc’s heart.

We got to chat with Sina on her love for Joc, their relationship and her thoughts on his love affairs with Karlie Redd and KD.  If you’re wondering why she’s still sticking by his side through all the messiness and drama, she has no problem giving you the real, no holds barred.

Grab your cups chile. Its tea time.

On Her and Yung Joc’s Current Relationship status.

I wouldn’t says he’s my boyfriend, but I have two babies with him and I spend a LOT of time with him.  We’re together right now actually. We’ve been friends for 8 years. So, him meeting the Karlie Redd’s and the KD’s is a result of us breaking up because of his infidelity a few years ago.

He cheated on me with a girl named Carla…who’s not important. But, he cheated on me with a girl he barely knew and she got pregnant and that the beginning of the demise of our relationship.

I believed him when he says there was nothing between them we ended up getting back together. He begged me to stay with him, saying that it was an “accident”. So, I stayed and I got pregnant a few months later. I didn’t know if I wanted to keep it or not and ironically, I found out it was twins. She also has a set of twins.  Her twins are two years old and mine are one years old.

On why Joc isn’t going anywhere, any time soon.

That’s what the show is based around. He can’t leave me alone because we originally were friends. Ww are very close and I’m very close with his family. So, no matter if he starts dating people and has all these situations with the Karli Redd’s and the KD’s, he doesn’t KNOW them. You know what I mean? They don’t know HIM.

KD, (on the show) acts like she’s his best friend. Karlie Redd does the same thing. But when it comes down to it, they don’t know him and he doesn’t know them. I think that in the process of being on television and trying to GET to know someone, those situations don’t work


On Joc cheating on Karlie Redd with KD:

He met Karlie Red I was already pregnant. We were going through our situation with the other mother with the twins (Carla) and  we were kind of on a  break.

I needed to concentrate on my body. I was pregnant with twins and I didn’t want to lose my babies. So I told him, “live your life. If you feel like that’s what you need to do to be on TV with this chick, then I’m going to fall back.”

And, like I said, it wasn’t going to work. They didn’t know each other and everybody saw that unfold on national television. In the process of that, he met this other chick (KD). I’m like, when do you have time to meet a whole NEW chick??

He’s at home with me, telling me that KD was his real estate agent and that she’s supposed to find him and Karlie a little house so that they could keep up with the façade of what they had going on. He told me she was gay and she was just his home girl. That’s what he told me.

On the infamous fight between her and KD:

When I was in the hospital with the babies he was coming there to visit me and  he would have my son as well who’s 12 who’s like his stepson. So, when he’d pick him,he would have KD  in the car with him. THAT’S how she knew where I lived to even come to my house. So, when they’re having problems, she comes to my house to look for him because he wasn’t coming home. He was at my house.

On whether or not Love and Hip Hop Is Real

OH YEA! I mean, I know why people think that Love and Hip hop is fake; because you’re like, “wait a minute…how did you just walk in a tattoo shop when so and so is there?”  Clearly they don’t have budgets to wake up and go to sleep with you and just live at your house. So, they put us in scenarios. But this is real.

Now, they do take things out. Like, when KD came to my house looking for Joc, I had to beat her ass. Then, she went to the car and tried to get a GUN. They don’t like to talk about that on TV. She has this image on TV that she’s this sweet, wholesome , entrepreneur But she’s really a piece of work.

About how people may perceive her for sticking around in Yung Joc’s life

You know, everyone’s like, “Sina should just leave Yung Joc alone” and I’m like honey, what are you talking about?? He was MY MAN. Like, what the fuck? But, it’s all good. People are going to have their own opinion.


On how she came about getting the call from VH1 and why did you accept it?

The call came because of the fight between me and KD. Everyone heard about her coming to my house and me beating her up. So, the producers hit me up on Instagram. He (Joc) first told me that there was a lot of buzz and that people were starting to hear about it. I know a lot of people. I’m an Atlanta socialite and clearly they’re on TV. So, people started to hear about the incident.

Joc reached out to me and was like, “Listen. I know we got a lot of stuff going on. But, if you don’t like certain pictures on your instagram or facebook, start deleting them because people are starting to ask about you and are looking into your information.”

About a week later, a producer from love and hip hop DM’d me on INstagram .So, I gave her my number. They know our story. They told him (Joc) that they reached out to me and we kinda put all the pieces of the puzzle together to make sure that they felt like it was a real storyline and legit. About a month later they offered me the position of a new cast member.

Why she took the job despite Joc’s history of messiness:

First, I think Love and Hip Hop is one big commercial and I have businesses. I’ve been a nurse for 17 years, now 18. I’m kind of burned out with clocking in and out on somebody else’s watch. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I’ve always wanted to cook.

Joc pays all of my bills and he takes very good care of us. I didn’t have to work with the babies. So,  I took advantage. Now, I have a catering service called Sassu Flavors and I’ll soon be opening up a small Cajun restaurant by the end of the year. I also have a music company called Expose Noise.

So, those things were the root of my accepting Love and Hip Hop. It’s one long commercial. Whatever business you want to start, it’ll definitely be put out there by doing television. I was also offered a good paycheck because of Joc being on the show and the story being so juicy. So, I took the opportunity.



On whether or not she trusts VH1 them to actually display her businesses on television:

I talk to my producers about that all the time; that they never highlight everyone’s endeavor. Ever.  Like, me and Bambi are very close because I’m also from Compton and a lot of people don’t know that she has a Master’s degree and like 5 businesses. They just look at her like this hood girl that’s dating Scrappy. But she’s really accomplished.

I think that’s very important to highlight accomplishments on top of drama. But at the same time, it’s up to us to utilize the opportunity as well to highlight our own successes.

There are a few moments on the show where they want me to cater for instance, for Karlie Redd. But I can’t talk about that yet because its on an episode that you guys have not seen. Its probably going to be Episode 8.

On whether or not she’s still in love with Joc.

OF COURSE! Absolutely! I wouldn’t say I’m in love with him right now. But I do love him a lot; as he’s staring at me right now. I told him I was on an interview call. HA! He’s staring at me through the window

What’s next for Sina?

GIRLL! You have to stay tuned! Its some juicy shit! And everything is not always what it seems to be. I’ll say that. Lol


Your thoughts?? 


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