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Mariah Carey’s Struggle Performance Audio Leaked

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This is what happens when you’re 3 hours late for a gig. People get pissed and leak things.

If you’ve been anywhere near social media in the last 17+ hours, you’ve probably seen embarrassing footage of Mariah Carey fighting to complete her holiday classic, “A I Want For Christmas (Is You)” at Rockefeller Center in NYC.

At first listen, its easy to assume that the tape was fake because: 1. The lack of background noise (music, singers, etc). It’s just Mariah, literally screeching and reaching for the high heaven while failing to successfully hit one note. 2. Its MARIAH and Ms. Carey ain’t NEVA sang a struggle note her life! This HAD to be a voice-over gone array. Right? WRONG!

The tape is very real and its origins are VERY shady.

It was originally thought that some random, tech savv nerd , who lives in their mother’s basement was responsible for the  vocals-only, leak of her performance. However, we’re now being told that it was actually a member of the NBC staff who isolated who created and leaked the tape. Here’s why:

Mariah was originally scheduled to pre-tape her performance on Tuesday night for actual airing on Wednesday.  However, in  true diva fashion, she kept the staff and producers waiting for 3 hours , in the freezing cold only for her to cancel last minute.

According to sources, Mariah showed up to the performance, but refused to leave the vehicle due to the cold weather. She didn’t want it to affect her vocals.

So, she eventually left the set and the crew was forced to  reschedule her for a live Wednesday night.

As payback, it’s alleged that members of the production team got together to create the audio-only version and unleashed it unto the poor unsuspecting public hours later.

The result? The painfully difficult to watch video below:

While it’s unfortunate that anyone would go to these lengths to embarrass Mariah, they’d have no ammo if her voice didn’t sound like the souls of a thousand dying kittens.


Were they wrong for leaking the tape? Or was Mariah wrong for trying to sing anything with that voice?


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