No Hard Feelings: Dreezy Talks New Music, Acting & Collabs After Canceled Homecoming Pitchfork Performance

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Performing on the Pitchfork main stage has been a long time coming for Chicago native and rapper Dreezy.

In her 5 years of impressive commercial success since the release of her Remix to Nicki Minaj and Gherbo’s “Chiraq”  catapulted her into our hearts and playlists, the duly crowned Princess of Chicago Rap had yet to grace the stages of one of her home’s largest music festivals until this year.

Sadly, what should have been a celebratory homecoming of royal significance was cut short when her set was cancelled due to rain and dangerous weather conditions.

Though obviously disappointing for the 25 year old femecee, Dreezy has still had a massively successful year thus far and has lots to be proud of. 

At the top of 2019 she dropped her sophomore project , appropriately titled Big Dreeze. The 10-track follow up to her debut album No Hard Feelings was released to critical acclaim and boasts features from  Kash Doll, Offset, Jeremih & Jacquees.

 In June she announced her Brand Ambassador partnership with PUMA as the new face of their CALI Bold sneaker campaign; joining the likes of Big Sean, Meek Mill,G eazy and YBN Cordae. 

“Chanel Slides”, the debut single from the album, featuring Kash Doll, has amassed over 5 million streams online. She fulfilled her dream of working with J Cole, lending her vocals and penmanship to Dreamville’s mellow collaboration “Got Me”, featuring Ari Lennox, Omen and Ty Dolla $ign. 

To make the bag even heavier ,during her residency in Los Angeles, she recently launched her acting career, landing major looks with her performance cameo on the Netflix movie BEATS and recurring role as “Tay Tay” on the BET drama Boomerang. All this and she’s already working on her next album. 

Festival performance or not, Dreezy remains on the heels of her peers proving that perseverance and adaptability are the true key ingredients to long term success in this industry. 

We caught up with Dreezy at the 14th annual Pitchfork Music Festival to chat about the release of her new project, her newly found acting chops and the much needed surgenence of new female rappers currently dominating the airwaves.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity

Kiki: You’re one of the first female rappers to blow from the Chicago which is an accomplishment on it’s own. How hard was it breaking into what’s typically a male dominated space?

Dreezy: It’s definitely competitive and harder for a female because not only do I have to go bar for bar with you, at the same time my hair has to be on point – my makeup, my outfit my body, everything cause I know you looking me up and down. It keeps you on your toes. You just have to hold your own and when you’re good at what you do, that’s what separates you from the rookies. 

You can see when a girl is putting her all in. She’s got a whole team around her because it takes a village for a female. It takes a village for any artist but females are just tedious. 

Kiki: Female rappers are hot right now. We’re seeing new artists pop up faster than we can count and female rappers are collaborating in ways we haven’t in quite a while. What’s your take on the emergence of all this massive female energy? 

Dreezy: I feel like everyone has their own vibe. If I want to smack a bitch I’ll turn on Rico Nasty. If I just want to turn up and say fuck a nigga, I’m going to turn on my City Girls. If I wanna twerk some ass, I’m turning on Meg TheStallion. If I want to be in my feelings but hear some real shit at the same time, I’m gonna turn on my music.

It’s just a mood for everything now. You got something for everybody. Every girl is different. I think we needed this.

Nicki has been holding it down for 10 years and thank God we had her. But I think now people are just super excited to see new female energy and hear different sounds. We need Nicki but we need more too. 

K: So, what’s Dreezy’s Vibe? What lane are your carving out with this new project? 

Dreezy: Everyone around me is doing it big right now. That’s why I called the album Big Dreeze. I know its a lot of people doing big dog shit and bossin’ up. I’ve got my merch coming out that’s going to go along with the theme of the project. That’s what I’m pushing right now. I want everybody to feel big. Everything we’re doing is next level.

Kiki: We can’t leave without talking about your character Tay Tay on BET’s boomerang. How was your first acting experience?

Dreezy: I was nervous, but it was fun. I’m glad I got to be Tay Tay. She’s super laid back; like the bad little sister. She reminds me of myself and what I went through with my little sister: sneaking out of the house, trying to party and be up under a boy. It was just a cool role to start my career off with

Kiki: Was acting always in the plan? 

Dreezy:I think I always would’ve been down for acting but I never would’ve thought about  actually doing it. So when they reached out I was excited.

Kiki: You also made a performance cameo in BEATS, the new Netflix drama set in Chicago. How cool was it working with all the Chicago artists featured in the film?

Dreezy: It was super dope.  I never knew there were so many dope artists coming up out of Chicago .  I met so many doing this. That was my first time meeting [Happy Birthday] Calvin. Now his [ Happy Birthday Calvin] song with G Herbo is on heavy rotation right now. I met Tobilou and Nikeboy. Then there were a lot of dope writers on the set from the city. So it was cool just being able to work with everyone.

Kiki: What other projects do you have in the pipeline for 2019/2020?:

Dreezy: I’m working on my second album. I don’t have a name for it yet but it’s definitely in the works. It’s probably going to drop at the top of next year. Meanwhile, I’m doing a lot of things with Puma. I’m doing a little bit of everything right now: acting,music fashion. I’m everywhere. 

Dreezy’s next performance is scheduled for July 31,2019 at Houston Underground in Houston,TX. 

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