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WTF??!! : Willow Smith Shaves Her Head BALD!

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“I whip my scalp back and forth” is what Willow Smith should be singing these days because SHE’S BALD!!

Yep. You heard right. Pictures went up today on her WhoSay page of  the RocNation diva with a bowl cut. LAWD!! LAWD!!

With her outrageous fashion sense it’s not surprising that the 11 year old “Fire Ball” star would take it this far. Honestly, where else do you  go after this????

She’s not the only Smith mini-star who got new chop lately. Check out Jaden’s new cut. By the way, its a LOT cuter than Willow’s. Just sayin



Now, we’re not one to mute a child’s creative genius (if you can call it that), just not sure if we’re digging it. Are you??

On another note, while you’re gagging at Willow’s new do, be on the look out for her new album Knees and Elbows ,due out this spring.



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