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YES LAWD!: Anderson Paak Gives Memorable Performance in Chicago House Of Vans Summer Concert

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Anderson Paak hit the House of Vans stage in Chicago last night for their biggest Summer Series installation to date.  Joined by LA based singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Kadjah Bonet and his road band Free Nationals, Anderson helped curate a funky, high spirited vibe House of Vans hasn’t seen all summer.

Sure he’s been proceeded in the series by amazing artists such as BANKS, Julien Baker, Breeders and season opener Vince Staples. But Anderson’s kinetic stage presence delivered just a little something extra.

Alternating between rapper, vocalist and drummer, the night’s performance found Anderson running vigorously around the stage showcasing his multi-instrumentalist talents.  The crowed turned out for the best night of their life and PAAK left no stone unturned in giving them what they wanted.

Blending a myriad of hits that spans across his 9-project resume, there was a something for old and new Paak fans alike. From high energy  “Suede” , “Am I Wrong” and  “Come Down”  to slow lover’s grooves like “Make It Better” and “Might Be”, Paak seamlessly bridged the gap between hip hop and soul in a way that only he can.

Check out photos from the epic performance below!

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